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Re: Understanding The Moon In Libra

All planet placements in 12th house have neptune correspondence -similar to a conjunction with neptune. And all placements in 12th house want to get visible society and to play a role their.

All planets in 11th house are meant to be to take visibly roots in society and to be self-present there and known to people - and a planet in 11th house - like your moon in aspect with a planet in 2nd house serves you with money flow and income. If it is a square you feel an inner drive to do something but also a challenge due to the fact that moons rules your 8th house. And Art is definitely something within it - with moon square neptune.

But probably not as an accepted subject from your own family and bloodline ancestors (moon rules your 8th house) - you might have to first leave old footsteps and pathes and dogmata of own family before and their probable opinions that art doesn't bring money.
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