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Re: Pregnant and husband left me.. he wants abortion

Originally Posted by waitingforJupiter View Post
Thanks Vista!

Just one question: what does this mean for me? Pluto squaring ASC/DES axis?
When is Uranus entering my 7th house? Could you tell me please?

I think his birth time is correct, his Mum told me.. But his rising sign is Leo, and mine is Libra.

And doesn't Jupiter enter his fifth house in June?
The chart you posted of his is Libra rising, although his Moon is in Leo. Going off someones memory is sketchy. If his rising sign is Leo then he wasn't born at 2:30. I don't suppose his time is listed on his Birth Certificate? It's one of the most important pieces of information when doing predictive astrology because the birth time sets up the "map" of a person life, hence the rising sign, house cusps and degrees, etc.

As for the above aspects I described, you can get a lot of information looking on the Internet. I believe Transiting Uranus will start hoovering around your 7th house cusp starting in late April into May and then retrograde out and back again towards the end of this year for a final time.
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