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Re: the node and reality

Is he indeed having incest with his mother or am I crazy?

hi Emeraldstar99

I added a few other asteroid and symbols to his chart.

the chart does have some aspects that could be interpreted as a incestual relationship with his mother.

his sun is conjunct to nessus, a sexual abuse planet.and psyche with the sun and nessus. psyche is sometimes associated with pedophilia. here it would make sense .
in addition juno is square to orcus and node. orcus is another symbol that has abusive characteristics. juno though not necessarily symbolic of hia mother, it is symbolic of older women with authority.
in addition the juno/orcus midpoint is square to his moon. so these together lead me to believe he does have a sexual interest his mother.

I think you need to post a composite his and his mother. add nessus,orcus,eris,ixion,psyche 16,eros 433

Yeah, I noticed those asteroids, I ignored them, even tho I happen to date 3 Nessus conjunct Sun men. When I saw that before, I was like "Wtf? He is not the Nessus Archetype" I got scared since is considered one of the worst, but I knew 3 men with that aspect and all of them were Sagittarius who had absent fathers. Just 1 one them actually had that "evil" tendencies. I keep attracting people with nessus prominent.

nessus is the nature of strum and Pluto so it can have strong self preservation can be a dutiful soldier who follows the generals orders.

And about the Nessus, your description fits well with all of them,actually.

with mars conjunct to orcus and orcus conjunct the node and pluto square the node and orcus, the unconscious sexual symbols are clearly present.

the moon/pluto midpoint is conjunct to juno with these symbols square to the Orcus/mars conjunction. this would also reinforces the existence of a incestual relationship between mother and sun .

Saturn opposed to Neptune would correlate with the absent father.

the mercury/moon midpoint conjunct to nessus could be interpreted as her incestual inclination to him.

the moon/psyche midpoint opposed to eris shows a spiritual /sexual energy which easily could be used by the other psychological indications .

the mars/pluto midpoint is conjunct to nessus which would again show the incestual nature of the sexual energies from him.

I have to conclude that your feeling are valid, especially as the orcus/pluto node pattern is high indicative of a unnatural sexual ambience.

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