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Re: sudden breakup

Hi Amature101,

please see the attachment to this post - it is your friend's natal+transit+progressed (in black, red, and green respectively) combo chart. Having a quick look I expected to see Uranus having made contact to Venus by hard aspect and this is indeed what has happened - earlier this year Uranus advanced to... I think something like 6'36 Tau before going retrograde August 12 or so and at that point it was rather very close by orb to your friend's Venus thus opening the conjunction - it is likely she will end up with someone else by the time Uranus actually goes over Venus which will be some time next year, however. [There is a similar chart I've looked at with a similar problem recently so this popped up immediately.] - When Uranus-Venus make contact any ongoing relationship generally ends around that time though a new one can start just as suddenly.

The other issue is your friend's Uranus-Neptune in 23-26 Cap - Saturn is going to reach 23 Cap around.... mid January? and conjunct Neptune and it is likely to be a very depressing-feeling time for your friend. Try to explain this to her so she doesn't get too down because of the mood. This is a challenging one.


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