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Re: Will I settle in the US permanently?


what is the nature of worry-doubt towards permanent settlement!

rahu clever gemini 4th, foreign lands, information technology;

ketu sag 10th, hyper-ambitious and impulsive,
career-job changes;

sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit sag,
pain-injury-surgery, thighs-knees etc,
rise-fall in career;
rahu transit rahu gemini 4th

light til diya daily morning for Lord Ganesha at the alter at home;

sat retro towards scorpio 9th for distant lands till Sept 17th,
luck-education-father-travels under stress;

wear brown gomedh over mer finger;
mer lord 4th over cap 11th, gains from mother-property,
but difficulties for mother, her health etc;
gains from communications, writings, accounting, etc;
mer lord 7th over 11th,
gains from spouse/marriage/business partners;

asc lord jup over scorpio 9th for distant lands, luck, education,
research-occult aptitudes, wear yellow sapphire over jup finger;
asc lord jup protective;

jup 10th lord negating to 9th, retired attitude,
university teaching-research roles etc;
jup now transit natal jup scorpio 9th for luck, direct since Aug 11th;

moon-mars pisces asc, volatile emotions and finances;
mars lord 9th for distant lands over asc,
moon lord 5th for luck-education-position over asc,
moon-mars lord 5/9 for prosperity;
wear red coral over copper pendant touching heart;

20yrs venus dasa now till age 39,
venus 12th acq for foreign lands;
venus lord 8th over 12th, success amidst adversity;

sun-venus acq, venus combust,
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;
may need zinc supplements for health;
may recite Shreesuktam regularly, especially fridays;

sun lord 6th over 12th, success amidst adversity;
sun aspect own leo 6th protective of employment and from opponents;
sun enemy sign acq 12th, health under stress,
recite Aditya Hridayam regularly especially sundays;

sat lord 12th for foreign lands, elevated libra 8th,
success amidst adversity, good for long life and insurance gains;
appreciation for law-justice, objectivity; able to cope with challenges;
prone to chronic health issues, kidney stones, piles etc;
sat debilated aspect aries 2nd for family-finances;
mars lord 2nd negating to first, negating family-finances;
sat aspect sag 10th for career, aspect cancer 5th for luck-position etc;
observe fast sat evenings; visit Ramalaya;

hope information enables take stock,
promptly ack and share feedbacks how insightful-helpful,

wishing well, kshantaram

Asc lord jup scorpio 9th for luck n distant lands, suitable for
North Continents, regions, towns, streets, companies, etc
named with letters/sounds Na, Ya

Rahu gemini 4th for home suitable for
West Continents, regions, towns, streets, companies, etc
named with letters ka, cha, gha
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