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Re: Will I settle in the US permanently?

Thank you so much. Please see answers against your questions. Can you suggest remedy for permanent settlement?
1. do you have bald head or experience hair thinning that you feel you will go bald? No balding yet
2. was your travel to US happened suddenly? Like, was your travel due to work was postponed for a long time and then it happened all of a sudden? It was planned travel as my IT company got a project here
3. are you tall, upto or over 6 feet? No Im 54
4. are your finances/bank balance not so good? like you suffer from saving money? Yes Im constantly working to save money.
5. are you married? was it a love marriage? do you have any troubles or fights in marital life? Married yes. Arrange marriage. Some fights happen.Wife birth details are 19/06/1987 05:05 am Junagadh, gujarat(does her chart show permanent settlement in US?)
6. does your promotion or growth in career happens slowly? And does your subordinates or people reporting to you dont listen to you well? Yes career growth has been slow. Subordinates listen to me but there has always been some friction initially.
7. are you a person who thinks a lot, like really really a lot of thoughts happen in your mind lacking any peace of mind? Yes I do think a lot. Usually about how can I make more money to improve finances but I really dont know what I should do?

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