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Re: Will I settle in the US permanently?

you do have VRY in your chart. 6th lord Sun is conjunct with 8th lord Venus in 12th house. yogas though form they can't be relied upon (be it RY or VRY). planets give the result depending on their lordship, occupancy, starlord occupancy and ownership, VMD running and finally transits and the transit houses and transit star lords.
Your 12th lord Saturn is exalted in D1 and in own house in D9. this is good only.
3rd lord Venus in 12th in star of Jupiter. Jupiter is placed in 9th house and lord of 10. Venus is conjunct with Sun lord of 6th. that's why you came to US for work. You came on Feb 17 2013 and you know the dasha running? it was Venus-Jupiter-Venus-Jupiter-Saturn.

Venus Dasha runs till 2021 May and then Sun dasha runs till 2027, then Moon from 2027 to 2037. So until 2027 you will remain in US. In Moon dasha there is a possibility for you to go back, as Moon signifies 4, 11 indicating home and returning from foreign place.

few questions:
1. do you have bald head or experience hair thinning that you feel you will go bald?
2. was your travel to US happened suddenly? Like, was your travel due to work was postponed for a long time and then it happened all of a sudden?
3. are you tall, upto or over 6 feet?
4. are your finances/bank balance not so good? like you suffer from saving money?
5. are you married? was it a love marriage? do you have any troubles or fights in marital life?
6. does your promotion or growth in career happens slowly? And does your subordinates or people reporting to you dont listen to you well?
7. are you a person who thinks a lot, like really really a lot of thoughts happen in your mind lacking any peace of mind?

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My birth details
DOB 17.02.1983
Time: 9:17 AM
Location: Mumbai, India

I moved to the US on Feb 17 2013 for work. Can you please advise if I will settle in the US permanently?
Also, can you advise how many vipreet raj yogas do I have and when will they be beneficial to me?

Note: I have attached all relevant charts for reference
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