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Every major relationship I've had has had exact Saturn square Venus

...and I feel like I'm a pro at how this painful aspect works in synastry, unfortunately. At first, there is a beautiful, strong, mutual admiration. There is a tiny bit of Saturn coming out to show who's boss in the early stages, but it's usually in a very appealing manner. At some point, the Saturn person morphs into a disapproving father figure who is really not amused. The love, the responsibility to each other are present and undeniable, but in a romantic relationship the "errant child" (the Venus person) is starving for actual affection and understanding. I'm almost always the Venus person. It always gets to the point where I just drift further and further away because dates start to feel like a one on one with a boss who is trying to fire me in a slow painful manner. I know the Saturn person feels love as well, but they don't express it in a way that Venus recognizes. I'm not sure there's a possible happy ending here, and I'm curious if others have made this kind of relationship thrive with thoughtful interventions or what? Your comments are appreciated!
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