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Re: Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(

I'm not a Cap Moon but my strongest aspect in my chart is Moon Square Saturn and I'm a Capricorn Ascendant. I've been told by all my exes and past friendships, post break up, that I was cold and emotionless. Totally not true at all, except that's how I move on is putting up a wall around my emotions. I'm the biggest sook there is deep down, tbh. Yet I'll never tell anyone.

I dated a Cap Moon once. We both thought the other was cold and detached, which is obviously far from the truth. I think Capricorns are very aware of how they come across, how they behave. When it's the moon, then they're aware of how they should feel. We don't want to look dumb, weak or lose our power. Pride is our biggest downfall.
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