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Re: Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(

Originally Posted by may28gemini View Post
cap moon does not know nor feel why something is "the right thing" but they try to do these "right things" because it's traditionally indoctrinated in society and cap is very status quo. the problem of doing things without much belief/conviction in the actions on a philosophical and emotional level is there no higher connection and therefore, no internal rewards can be achieved.
This is true to the Cap Moon I knew.

She had everything else in Cap, her Saturn in Aries squaring her 4th house Cap Stellium. She tried to do the "right thing" by not cursing or getting into arguments with everyone. When I sat at her table, just kidding around, the people around her suddenly started attacking me and she just sat there and did nothing! I even went to her for support because one of the teachers was being a beeyootch to me, and she says I was wrong without knowing the whole story. Umm Ok... And she expects me to be around her ...because ... ?
She is so clingy too, probably got it from her sisters and keeps trying to cage me in and trying to keep me in one place.
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