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Re: mundane vs personal, to moonkat

Originally Posted by wilsontc View Post

It occurs to me that what you're talking about maybe what I consider more Mundane astrology which IS fated. The astrology of world conditions is fated because the world (and places and events IN the world) can NOT adjust based on astrological information. So the world and events CAN be predicted by using astrological charts. That's why squares in mundane charts always indicate SOME type of violence and danger, oppositions indicate warring factions, etc. But in PERSONAL charts people can choose what to do individually.

This results in the WORLD will go through whatever it's meant to go through while the INDIVIDUAL can adjust their life so THEY get through world events...intact. Of course, the more challenging the world events are, the more limited the adjustments an individual can make. So when comparing mundane to personal astrology there is still the "balancing act" of fated vs. personal.

About the differences of world and personal,

You misunderstand, but that's okay. I'll attempt this last time to express my perspective to you. I think the miscommunication stems from the deeply held conviction that you have regarding our ability to act free from influence. You seem to hold the opinion that conscious awareness of influences allows for conscious redirection based on one's will. And you seem to believe this opinion is self-evident in every person's subjective experience. It is not.

What I'm saying is that one's will is predetermined, fated if you will. Why do we want the things we want? How is our personality formed? How exactly would you define one's 'individual will'? Is that will free from all constraints and influences?

My opinion is that what I find desirable, what I find beautiful, what I want out of life is not without complete fundamental influence by more external concepts. Do you see now?

Further, I was not speaking of mundane astrology or 'worldly' affairs in a human sense. I was speaking of more macro universal forces that work at the micro individual level as well. I'm saying at a fundamental level, there is no right or wrong, good or evil and that viewing fate and determinism through the lens of personal responsibility is far too reductionist and simplistic. That's not the point. People shouldn't understand fate to inform how they behave. There's no point.

The understanding of fate/determinism is largely uninformative in how one 'should' live their life, and it's more of an intellectually stimulating curiosity. I don't think people should be thinking of how determinism takes away personal responsibility, because larger universal forces would rather humanity believe in their own self-efficacy. In this way, fate deludes humans into thinking they act of their own accord, when really they just behave within the confines of fate's dictation.

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