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Re: Read my chart

Originally Posted by mrastro View Post
Thank you Kite. I don't gamble in the literal sense. I am happy to hear that my partner would be from foreign land I currently don't have the money to travel. I don't waste money. I have seen people waste money on unnecessary things but I am not like that.
Thank you for the feedback mrastro. I'm now in the process of rethinking the South Node conjunct the Part of Fortune aspect. I've found a few celebrity charts that have it such as Martha Stewart, Bob Newhart, Frank Howard (baseball player), Rubin "Hurricane" Carter and Ray Bradberry. I also have the same aspect which is why I am particularly interested in this.

My initial thinking on this is that since the South Node acts somewhat like a black hole in debilitating a planetary position, perhaps in its connection with the Part of Fortune, that there may be a feeling of lack when it comes to Fortune in one's life which can cause a "grass is greener" sense. For instance Martha Stewart has her conjunct in the 5th house in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in her 8th house in detriment in Gemini. She was convicted of Inside Trading which could have to do with 5th house gambling and 8th house stocks. This was a relatively small amount of money she was protecting - about $50,000 when she was close to being a billionaire. So my guess is that a feeling of lack from her gambling perspective drove her "unfortunate" actions.

Ray Bradberry also had the aspect in the 5th house but his lack was in creating more and more books. He was an engine of writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - writing every single day -- his 5th house of creativity was in Taurus with the ruler Venus in his 9th house of publishing.

Bob Newhart has his conjunction in the 2nd house - the same as you. It's in Scorpio - the same as you. Mars rules Scorpio which is in his 1st house conjunct the Moon and Mercury which his type of humor thrived on - playing the straight man to imaginary conversations featuring absurdity. Anyway - his lack seems to have been derived from some jobs he had early in his career. This is from Wikipedia "After the war, Newhart worked for United States Gypsum as an accountant. He later said that his motto, "That's close enough", and his habit of adjusting petty cash imbalances with his own money showed he did not have the temperament to be an accountant. He also said he was a clerk in the unemployment office who made $55 a week, but quit upon learning unemployment benefits were $45 a week and he "only had to come in to the office one day a week to collect it."" Since he had his ruler in the first house he channeled the conjunction into his comedy "appearances" as appearance is a first house matter.

In your case your ruler is in the 9th house - so this is why I was thinking the 9th house would be a drain on your finances. Perhaps you would be channeling your values (another second house matter) into the 9th house of foreign travels. You valuing the life elsewhere (grass is greener effect).

Anyway thanks again for the feedback - this research is now a work-in-process.

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