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Originally Posted by mrastro View Post
Do you think I will be able to go abroad next year?

Thank you
Looking at your chart from a whole sign perspective, I see that your 7th house (where Venus is) is Aries ruled by Mars which is in your 9th house of foreign lands. This suggests that your partner would be foreign. The 9th house has Gemini on the cusp which means it is controlled by Mercury. In your 9th house is your Moon and Sun so it is an important house to you. Mercury is currently approaching your Mars via Solar Arc Progression. It will be exact in Feb. 2021.

As Zora said, none of this can happen unless you have the money to travel. You have your South Node conjunct your Part of Fortune in your 2nd house of Money. This suggests that you waste money. It also suggests that since the conjunction is ruled by Mars in your 9th house, that you may have or will waste it with this type of a trip or perhaps you've wasted it in the past with educational endeavors or other travel, etc. Saturn is also tied up in the conjunction and Saturn isn't very operative which means since Saturn rules your 4th house of home and family as well as your 5th house of gambling and speculation, maybe you've had some issues with gambling. Jupiter is in the 5th house and squares Saturn so that is another problem area around money. Along with this you have your Jupiter squaring the nodes on the 2/8 axis. This article may help you understand this configuration and make sense of your issues around money/materialism/spirituality
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