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Re: Saturn-Pluto conjunction will occur in my 7th house

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Hi Kite

I have a waterlogged chart with very little fire placement and dominant 12th house it's not easy to change my life.

So meanwhile I am in this catch 22 situation with very limited freedom I learn astrology just to spend my online time and find joy in something

You don't have Saturn in 5th

With Saturn in 5th it's difficult to imagine how to live a life with sex
Well you probably need to look at your D12 chart (Dwadasamsa) to see what you're missing. There are plenty of cardinal placements in good houses with importantly enough - no planets in your Radix 5th house but Mars and Uranus in Aries your D12 chart.

With Saturn conjunct Algol in the D12 chart, it's not surprising that you've "lost your head" about Saturn --blaming him for ruining your life. What comes out clearer in the D12 chart is Saturn in Pisces in 4 opposing Venus in Virgo (the virgin) in 10 and squaring your Moon in Sag in 1. This looks more to be about relationship problems sourcing back to your Mother and potentially absent father.

Astrology can become a rabbit hole when you get into some of the more obscure techniques. Food for thought for you and I truly believe we are not at the mercy of our charts.
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