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Re: Does Saturn lift up blockages in a specific area that it touches?

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thank you all.

My Saturn conjuncts Mars in 5th house in Scorpio.

Women kept rejecting me as a sexual/romantic partner. That means it's not the case as Osamenor's example of an accident scenario. Because I tried over and over but I was getting the same results over and over again. So it's not the situation where repetition helps. It's a result of a bad method.
That's a seventh house issue, not a fifth house issue. Fifth house has more to do with hobbies, children, creativity, and activities with unpredictable outcomes, such as gambling. General approach to partnership is seventh house.

If people are having a lot of difficulty with couple relationships--finding one, keeping one, or having a happy one--that, in my experience, usually means they're not going about relationships in a way that suits their seventh house. In some cases, the fifth house part is working fine--that's likely to be the person who keeps getting short term relationships but can never seem to manage anything lasting--but they're out of touch with their seventh house needs.

Or, that means they're following the trickster pattern of their seventh house ruler and (if they have any) seventh house placements. All the planets have both trickster and teacher functions. The trickster function, if we're talking about Saturn, can mean believing that if you only persist at whatever you're doing, you'll reap the rewards, even if you've been at it for a while and aren't seeing any sign of the promised reward at all. Or that you're entirely responsible for everything, even if other people also are--and a relationship is a two part invention. Or that you'll never have anything you want/need. If Scorpio is your fifth place sign as well as your fifth house, and your DC is in Capricorn, Saturn rules it, so we could be seeing Saturn involvement here.

Regarding your fifth house, though, I would expect to see dedication and persistence in following your personal passions, with that Saturn/Mars conjunction. Probably, you have some sort of hobby--or have had--that's worked out very well for you. As I recall, you previously turned a hobby into a job: that's an example of the functionality of your fifth house.
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