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Re: Does Saturn lift up blockages in a specific area that it touches?

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Thank you all.

My Saturn conjuncts Mars in 5th house in Scorpio.

Women kept rejecting me as a sexual/romantic partner. That means it's not the case as Osamenor's example of an accident scenario. Because I tried over and over but I was getting the same results over and over again. So it's not the situation where repetition helps. It's a result of a bad method.

That's why I'm asking that there is any clue in the natal chart about the method how to 'defeat' Saturn?
Have you tried dating older women? Or Capricorn or Aquarius women? Or women who have Venus in those signs? Or women who wear a uniform for their work?
You probably tend to be too serious to enjoy parties, so should try to find "work" types of entertainment, like work-oriented cocktail parties or working a stand at, for example, a medical convention.
Find a formula that works for you, where the seriousness of Saturn is suitable to an enjoyable recreation activity.
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