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Angry Re: Extremely Introverted Sagittarius asking for chart reading?

Originally Posted by miquar View Post
Chiron can feel like an outsider, and you have Chiron exactly sesquiquadrate your Sun. It could be that in this fairly extroverted culture, people like yourself will always be enigmatic. As I said above I think the fire trine bewteen Sun and Moon is relevant because it has a sense of 'nothing to prove' about it. Aries is a loner in some ways, and Pluto exactly quincunx the Aries Moon would tend to be more so, and of course the Moon rules your Ascendant.

It sounds as though you're not aware of any anxieties as such. But I wonder if you would benefit from imagining scenarios in which you are forced for some reason to take a more sustained social or public role of any kind. You might feel resistance or anxiety to such a scenario which could illuminate why you withdraw. What could go wrong? What would you lose during that time?

Some fiery people turn to their fantasy world in response to an early environment that does not celebrate their specialness enough.

Apart from this, and unless you can dig and find an anxiety or resistance of some kind, I don't know what else to add to this and my other posts. The old adage, 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' comes to mind, and if there is something that needs fixing you'll no doubt get a sense that something is wrong when the time is ripe. Perhaps when transiting Saturn is square natal Saturn around November this year you'll get a sense if anything needs to change.
In terms of some kind of past resistance or anxiety. I was bullied in high school but it wasn't the usual image you would have of bullying. I remember some of the guys and even someone who I thought was my friend saying that they could not imagine me getting angry because I always seem calm, so they would try to wind me up and intimidate me , I fought back and ended up breaking someone's nose. I feel that I already had this solitary nature before all of that. Bullying is never something you want to go through but deep down I don't think it affected me.

It's interesting that you bring my sun trine moon fire. I certaintly feel as though I have some inner confidence or centredness but at the same time I think that fire trine is looking for a specific place or way(in terms of a talent or ability, im also trying to see if my chart contains any hidden capacities yet to be nurtured) to express itself with complete honesty but im afraid i'll never find that place.
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