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Re: depressing life

Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
Do you think changing fields is realistic? Or perhaps you could find something to like in your current field of study, maybe a specific area of it that appeals to you slightly more?

Sounds typical.

The reality is that in dating and relationships most won't work out for various reasons. One or two is essentially none. If things don't work out between you and a person you really liked, you have to keep the faith and know that there are many others out there. The Moon conjunct the 5th cusp shows that you're more open and vulnerable in dating and romance and pour a lot of emotion into these. However, you should try not to expect too much at the outset; wait a little while and see if the feelings are the same after the initial honeymoon phase.
Thank you again.
No about the field of my study i cannot do anything.
But i don't mind if i will do a job different from my studies.

Maybe i wasn't specific. I had never been in a relationship. There is not the case that i was with someone for one week for example and then he was bored of me. This is the strange.
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