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Re: depressing life

Originally Posted by time back View Post
About career i realy don't know what i should do. I am studing in a field that i don't like, but there wan not my choice. Is the educational system in my country that "made me" study in this field.
About relationships I mean that I have tried to make a relationship with 1-2 persons (especially one) that i had met and i felt that they had feelings for me too. But i was wrong. Maybe they were really good actors. The best part is that in the begining they act realy like their were in love and suddenly one day they change just like they never felt anything. Plus their behavior suddendly gets derogatory. If they didn't like me they should never approach me.
Please also should keep in mind that you have unrealistic expectations from relationships. Neptune and Uranus opposing Mars. Yes, Mars is also the masculine qualities your attracted to as a female. So just be aware that it's not all them.
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