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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Capricorn is one of the most understood signs, IMO. Pop-schlock astrology delineations of the grey-suited businessman do this sign a real disservice.
haaangover again 😢😢😢 i dont even remember how i got to bed.... lol yeah i hate that capricorn its all serius and so square so boring bussines man and im totally not like that thats why im reading more of natal charts beacause i dont feel at ALL like a capricorn, as for the paranormal i think i can see people like who they really are its hard to lie to me, ive seen objects levitate or move and i can assure you im not lying and i was not drunk or anything im reading tarot now, so if anyone wants a free reading im up to it!! helps me practice, so if you lack water makes you more cold hearted?
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