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Re: My marriage prospects...?

Originally Posted by religare231 View Post
dear all,

It would be really kind if you could throw some light on marriage prospects in my birth chart. When is marriage most likely indicated and will my spouse be a foreigner. I am presently abroad for my masters education.

Birth details
Date. 05 November 1991
Time. 14:52
Place. Bangalore, India.
Janmo-Nakshatra------ Chitra (4th pad)
Shukra is debilitated in ur kundli.
Kumbho lagna. Tula Rashi.
Brihospoti / Budh is going on and ends on 21st March 2017.
Sadhe Shaati of Shani is going on.
7th lord Ravi is in 9th house from lagna and Ravi is in Swati nakshatra.
u may get married to a girl who stays far away from your place.
Shukra is in UttarFalguni nakshatra, the lord of which is Ravi(7th lord)..
Marriage time starts from 25th Feb 2018 ends in October 2020..

These remedies below if performed correctly will bring u miraculous result :-

1. Keep some wet mud of pond on the roof of the house.(on Friday)..

2. never donate clothes to Sadhus/priests.

3. Always wear a belt around the waist. Wear a silver ring in the smallest finger.(on wedneday).

4. Never involve in illicit relations.
Rmember, If u ever smoke, it will damage your financial condition .
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