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Re: Cap. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune Generation

This thread has been such a wonderful experience for me. I am very grateful to the moderators here at the Astrology Community for allowing this thread to stay here in the Read My Chart section of this forum.

Unfortunately the thread is a thread, and thus unsustainable. Already we are investigating too many subjects (the Big Square, Chiron, the Age of Aquarium, Snappy T Squares, Pisces powers, YODs anyone? - and so forth!). I'd really love to work closely with more people on this thread, not fewer - but alas it is just one thread and it is VERY long - a fantastic book already.

Meanwhile I have long dreamed of teaching an immersion astrology class (like learning a foreign language by living in a foreign country) - an ongoing facilitated virtual realm classroom/playground. Something you can join or drop out of at anytime. I have wanted it to be extremely affordable - available to anyone interested even without money.

Thus I have launched "Aquariusville" and I am inviting people who have posted in this thread to consider if you want to try it. If so, let me know by PM.

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