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Re: keep it to astrology, to all

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
Another way they could initiate martial law would be for them to simply just ignore the constitution as a whole and initiate it (with or without telling the masses), but with the way they always have done things, they won't do it that way and will instead spend their time to set things up for things to be torn apart so as to pave the way for martial law.
Sorry, Yony: Who are "they"? Name some names. And no, the US is not currently a military dictatorship. If it were, we wouldn't see people like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib elected to Congress. Donald Trump's aspiration to be a dictator is bad enough.

Flapjacks, your Smedley Butler link was really interesting, but it reinforces my point because nothing came of his insurrection and most people have never heard of him.

BTW, what kind of mother names her kid "Smedley"?
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