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Re: keep it to astrology, to all

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Following up on ElenaJ's post:

I think it is legitimate to point out that there is no provision in the U. S. Constitution for martial law to be implemented. Article 1 Sec. 8.15 comes closest, but it deals with the legislative branch. Really there is nothing in it comparable to, say, some countries where the head of state can impose martial law by declaring a national emergency. Article 2 outlines presidential powers but there's nothing in there about declaring martial law.

So for nation-wide martial law to happen, you'd probably have to postulate preliminary events so extraordinary that either the Constitution would be amended (very difficult and time-consuming,) or else there would be some kind of sudden hostile take-over like a military junta or coup d'état .

In a mundane chart for a nation (such as the US Sibly chart for the founding of the US,) the military is indicated by the 7th house; and the head of state, by the 10th house. You'd have to think of what astrological events would be so sufficiently different from previous 240 years of US history that a completely new oppressive form of government seems realistic according to both the stars and how the US government is structured. What would have to happen to the 10th house, for example?

One other thing I might mention is that, thanks to the Second Amendment to the Constitution, a lot of Americans are armed to the teeth precisely to offer resistance to any armed take-over of or abuse of power by the federal government.
Who says it must be completely new?
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