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Re: solar return 2013 - freaking out !!!

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Can somebody please help me about this ? I have solar return 8th house on natal 12th, and solar return 12th on natal 4th- I read it it can indicate a death in the family. Not to mention that my solar return sun, venus , mercury an mars all fall in the 12th, pluto in the 8th, an saturn and moon in 6th. should I just move and save myself ?
The idea that you need to 'save yourself' from some unknown threat makes no sense when you remember that a solar return is not 'stand alone' and cannot negate the 'promise of the natal chart' anubis25. Useful if you would provide a link to the source of the information that you read concerning 'can indicate a death in the family'. More important to study the house and sign locations of the natal planets before then factoring in the solar return house and sign planetary locations

Education Board Article: "How To Interpret A Solar Return Chart"
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