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Re: curious about pluto

Originally Posted by daisy1317 View Post
Thank you very much! ....
You're welcome. :-)

Originally Posted by daisy1317 View Post
When I said 'our', I meant our synastry :-)
My pluto is trine his sun, conjunct his moon, square neptune, uranus, the north node and chiron.

His pluto is opposed my sun and mars, semi square jupiter and saturn, opposed chiron and square my ascendant.
That helps. My own experience with Pluto involved with either of the lights (Sun or Moon) is that Pluto CONTROLS the situation, although Pluto rarely pursues (directly). This can be REALLY frustrating for the "light" person. Pluto hates to appear "weak" or at the mercy of another (especially emotionally), even if s/he may feel so.

In contrast, however, if Pluto begins to feel s/he is losing the upper hand and/or the "light" person is drifting away, they will go to some lengths to regain/retain the relationship ... but again, subtly. All this assumes, btw, the rest of the chart shows so attraction between them. (If the Pluto connection is all there is, the Pluto person may feel drawn to the light person, but won't have too much invested or care. So this is dependent on the Pluto person having some personal planet involvement with the Light person.)

Now, in your case, he has both lights involved with your Pluto, but you also have your Pluto involved with his Sun ... so there's mutual fascination, although in your case, it may be mixed feelings. An opposition indicates interest in synastry, but usually some power plays, as well -- not friction the same as a square, but (especially with Pluto!) attempt to control or dominate.

Additional point ... in general, aspects between the outer planets don't count for much in synastry, as these are generational. I disregard them. I also disregard outer planets to Jupiter or (esp.) Saturn. They all move too slowly. In fact, I even disregard (to some degree) Jupiter-Saturn aspects, unless very tight or a Light/Venus/Mars are involved (not Mercury really). So concentrate on the INNER planets.

I will add, I think people unfairly disregard Mercury in synastry. No, it's not about "romance," but if two charts don't show some decent Mercury synastry (or at least not friction), they won't have much to talk about long-term, and not much "meeting of minds." So some good Mercury aspects are important, imo, even if they don't promise attraction.

Originally Posted by daisy1317 View Post
Another quick question ;-) Do you know anything about saturn conjunct the descendant and saturn conjunct the south node? I have been trying to look for information on the internet, but I can't find very much.
Saturn is both stabilizing as well as constricting. WITHOUT some Saturn present in synastry, forget it lasting. Even harsh Saturn aspects will grant some longevity, but a lack of Saturn ... the relationship will be short-lived. I've seen this again and again. So Saturn is NOT the bad guy. Saturn at the descendant could grant a long marriage, in fact, depending. I think it might be better from the 6th house, as if placed in the 7th house, it could be stability, OR it could *deny* marriage. Uranus on the descendant has the opposite effect. It will eventually break up a marriage -- even a long-lasting one, especially if it's in the 7th house. There might be some ways of making it work, but it's tough. Uranus is instability, and it will eventually shake up the house.

The South Node represents familiarity, and the North Node, lessons to learn. So someone else with planets conjunct one's S. Node will feel "familiar" (usually). Planets conjunct the N. Node ... not so much, but it's generally considered the better connection.

Nodes reversed (N. Node conj. S. Node, and vice-versa) are especially good, but it needs to be a tight orb. (2 degrees at most, I think.)
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