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Re: karmic ties

Your South Nodes are in the same sign, which means that your karma is very similiar. You both need to move away from the traits of Scorpio and be more like Taurus (the good parts anyway).

Your Neptune is conjunct his south node, which means that you may have been a spiritual advisor to him in a past life. With this placement, he will suck your energy and likely view you as deluded; he can't appreciate you. You will view him as negative.

His Vertex is conj your South Node. This means that it IS karmic. You've been together many lifetimes before. However, your job in this lifetime is to push each other forward, and then, perhaps move on with your lives separately. It is a destined relationship for growth (good or bad), however.

Your Venus is square his Neptune (which sits right on your 7th house line), this explains whyyou miss him. You are most projecting your fantasies onto him and they are not grounded in reality. Here is a good explanation of it from Cafe Astrology:

The square, quincunx, and opposition aspects of Venus and Neptune in synastry generally emphasize the vacillating and withdrawing theme of Venus-Neptune described above. Venus needs to be aware that if he or she falls in love with a romantic ideal instead of his or her real partner, Neptune will most likely retreat. Venus may go through periods of excessive trusting of the partner and swing to excessive fear that the partner cannot be trusted. The emotional rollercoaster can be unbearable if Venus rides on it for too long. Neptune must be extra careful not to promise more than he or she can deliver, in an attempt to make Venus feel better, remembering that "errors of omission" count as misleading. Neptune might have a hard time dealing with Venus directly, especially because it doesn't seem that Venus will listen to reason or even wants to see reality.

Personally, I wouldn't give him any more thought; missing somebody isn't an indication that you need to be with them (usually the opposite). Good luck, my friend!
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