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karmic ties

I have been on and off in a five year tormented relationship. Could it be karmic ties or is it dependency on my side? He has been the only one I have felt physically attracted to through these years. He is a virgo stellium sun/mercury/pluto/uranus all in 4th house, virgo in venus conjuct his IC, gemini ascendant and a leo moon. I am a cancer sun square saturn (ouch), taurus moon in 12th house (ouch) and ascendant, leo venus. Check this out:

- His north node is exactly conjunct my ascendant
- Our sun/moon midpoints are exactly squared
- My moon is trine his venus. 1 deg orb
- My venus is conjunct his moon. 2 deg orb
- My nodal axis is conjunct his vertex axis. 2 deg orb

We first laid eyes on each other when:
- transiting Jupiter was conjunct his south node and of course my descendant and when transiting moon was conjunct my ascendant and his north node.
- Transiting north node was exactly conjunct my natal saturn.
- Transiting venus was exactly opposing my natal venus and his moon.
- Transiting sun exactly conjunct my natal saturn (9th house ruler).

The worst problem in our relationship in addition to his personality is his exwife which has her natal venus conjunct my ascendant and his north node.

Sounds like a soap opera doesn't it? We are not together now, but I miss him.

Karmic ties?

I do not know how to post the saved charts here. Thanks
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