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Originally Posted by katydid View Post
You are Mars, as ruler of the Asc, and he is Venus.

You are conjunct the Ascendant, and are concerned with the present and the here and now. And also you are focused upon your needs, which is fine because this is an important question concerning your life.

But he, Venus, is in conflict with you. [Mars/Venus Square]

He is Venus in Cancer in the 4th of family/endings. Does he have family responsibilities and burdens that are making your relationship difficult?

The 4th is the 'end' of the situation. I think for NOW, he feels he has to end it.

Not because he doesn't have strong feelings for you. But because he doesn't think he can really fully be there for you because of his complicated situation?
Thank you for your reply! Yes, he does have family burdens relating to why he feels like he canít be in a relationship right now. I think he also has pressure from his family to do whatís best for him which isnít necessarily to be in a relationship right now. Another thing is, yes, he doesnít feel like he is ready to meet the obligations that come with a relationship. I think I did already know my answer to the question when I asked, which is that I knew now wasnít the right time. I hope in the future him and I can be something official.
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