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Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
The chart is indeed very blurry and difficult to read, but the link brings me to a blank page. The late ascendent degree says the matter has already been decided. In fact, Venus of the 7th in the 4th of end of the matter squares the ascendent.
Venus will square mars, there is a weak reception by triplicity and face, which does show the mutual feelings that katydid referred to, but this is probably not enough to bring on a relationship.
Moon next aspects Jupiter by square, with moon in the 12th and Jupiter co-ruler of the 12th. The 12th covers illicit love affairs. Moon also rules the 4th of endings.
Thank you so much for your reply. I recopied the link but Iím not sure if it will work. Is it possible right now just isnít the right time to ask the question? I feel like Iíve known the answer for a while now, which is the reason for the late asc as you said. Also with moon in 12h, do you think that means he has been having a love affair? Could it also just be information hidden from me? Like I said, I have 12h venus natally and it falls in his 12h so Iím pretty used to 12h matters.
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