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Smile Will we get into a relationship?


I thought of this question while listening to an astrologer last night. I'm a beginner with horary so I'm asking for guidance. My question is whether I and the person I am seeing will get into a relationship. This has been a situationship for the last year and we became serious in deciding whether we wanted to commit to a relationship sometime in May or June. He has been saying that he's not sure but that he does not want to string me along anymore, so we began taking a break about a week ago. He was always my friend but we began seeing each other secretly about a year ago. We have acted like we are in a relationship but behind closed doors (my natal cancer venus falls in his 12h). I think our relationship is very karmic and fated; from the moment we saw each other we liked each other but circumstances did not allow us to be together. We have been exclusive since we began seeing each other; I really love and care about him but I wanted to see more commitment from him. I trust in the universe that if it's meant to be between him and I, it will happen, but at the same time, I want to see what others think of my horary chart.

These are just some of the things I see, but like I said, I'm a beginner. First, aries asc in a late degree with aries mars tightly conjuct the ascendant, which I think means that this question is afflicting me in some way and that it has already been answered. Second, aries moon is in the 12th house which I read means the person asking the question once again is very afflicted by this question. I think I have been anxious about this question for a while which is why it is manifesting in this way. I also see venus opposite saturn, venus square mars, and venus opposite pluto, which does not sound good at all, nor does mars square saturn or mars square pluto. However, I'm hopeful about moon trine venus, sun trine jupiter, and sun trine uranus.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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