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Re: Bullying

Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
Seriously? My mother in law is a MASTER ABUSER and she has mars in pisces conjunct sun. And her mars has harmonious aspects...
A couple of things here... Mars in conj. to another personal planet is by no means a 'harmonious' aspect, so that is the first thing your mother-in-law has... a not-harmonious-aspect from Mars to her Sun.

Secondly, because it is Pisces Mars does not mean it cannot bully. It just operates differently in Pisces- a water sign. She might not be an outright lund, feisty or verbally abusive type. However, a person with this aspect could be a scheming and manipulative person.

I would not want to comment further without seeing the charts, but I did want to jump in there and say the afore bit about Mars.

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