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Re: Bullying

My belief of bullies and abusers is far more spiritual though. I believe that for many victims it can start off as the more physical violent form of abuse in one life, depending on karma and lessons, and emotional abuse in another life - and ill give my story of MIL and i as an example. In past lives me and my MIL were killing each other. So it was physical violence. Then there was a life where the intellectual side was damaged when i was an orphan, in addition to being killed. In this life im experiencing MOSTLY emotional abuse. She still broke my possessions but she didnt torture me physically if that makes sense. So there's a cycle, a karmic cycle with abuse. It goes from physical in one life, intellectual in another, and emotional in another. Sometimes more than one form of abuse is involved in a life. The severity varies. So yes, they are all a form of bullying that leads to different extremes.
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