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Originally Posted by Abby83 View Post
Varying degrees obviously depending on the houses - emotional, intellectual and physical. A master abuser is a form of bully and will be clever enough to destroy all three. That is their goal. But then on the other hand it could be as mild as a student constantly focusing on sabotaging everything you have eg your possessions, your friends, pushing into you in the hallway, laughing at you. What all bullies have in common is an obsession with their potential 'victim' and to destroy them the best ways they know how. It's their constant obsession that is dangerous. They think up ideas frequently. They dont give the victim a break. It gives the bully immense pleasure to create discomfort for the victim. So yeah, a mild version of a bully would be in the school yard where the victim can escape by staying home or changing schools or talking to principal etc. The more severe bully cases which lead to master abusers is when the bully can take it further because the victim is trapped and they cant leave.
So, the key word is "tormentor".
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