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I'm not trying to convince anyone that "I'm right and your wrong" when it comes to my views regarding astrology. I do march to the beat of my own Chart, just like everyone else, and although "you're certainly entitled to your opinion" is often used as a put-down , I don't mean it that way.

Insisting that someone else has "wrong" ideas about how to practice astrology, including things like rulership, allowable Orbs, the meaning of Aspects, etc., Just because they don't match your own, is a type of bullying, imo.

On the other hand, sharing is great, and we may learn something from someone else that we can incorporate into our own astrological paradigm, simply because it "resonates", and fits in well with what we already know and believe.

So, here's what appears to be unusual opinions of my own, just for sharing:

I think of Pluto as a Benefic, rather than as a Malefic.

For me, the two "problem planets" are the usual suspects, Mars and Saturn, when it comes to Malefics. But, even then, it depends on what effect they have on your own Chart. Some can handle them well, some poorly, most somewhere in between.
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