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About the moon placement and reincarnation

Hi group!

I haven't found much information/speculation about this. I'm interested whether a lunar mansion indicates something permanent from life to life or if it's rather an indication of the current life's situation.

Moon represents mind, thinking, the way how one senses and relates emotionally and/or intuitively. It indicates certain type of reflection style one tends to have. From my point of view, it's very essence of an individual, and so the energy represented by the nakshatra could very well remain as quite "solid" form of a being.

As I see, Moon is about what kind of "water" you are swimming in; including the comfort zone and the more challencing areas around. It tells about the core power one has and the possibilities one can reach. If you swim really far, maybe you can embrace big transformations and change somewhat radically?

What do you think; does the same nakshatra tend to occur from life to life, even though one goes through big transformations during his life?
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