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Re: Progressed chart for USA

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
I am trying to find out how to create a progressed chart for the USA from scratch.

There are no websites that allow you to generate a progressed chart for the USA, does anyone know of any solutions? Any help would be much appreciated.
I have proven... at least to my own satisfaction and have made three accurate predictions form it... that the only birth chart to use for the United States is July 4, at 12:00:01 a.m. 1776, Philadelphia, Penn. I have a thread written back in 2012 where-in I introduce the chart and explain why it must be the true natal chart... the date for the announcement of the birth of the nation was chosen to be July 4th, 1776 it matters not when anything was signed as for it is what is in the mass consciousness as to when the birth of a nation occurs... as it is not a physical entity that you can see coming out of the is a concept, an intangible thing that was birthed into the minds of people... Ask any U.S Citizen at the stroke of midnight making it July 4th, as to, what day it is and they will reply, 'it is the anniversary of the birth of our nation'. If you had a lawsuit against the USA it would be valid for any grievance that occurred on or after from the moment it became July 4th, 1775 it would be valid...if it was for anything that happened a second before that midnight it wouldn't be valid in court. {I made those three prediction months before they occurred and made them known in two separate posts here in this forum and can give you the link to see for yourself if you so desire]

Go to astrodienst, that is to, make achart for that date and when you go to produce it on screen use the extended chart selection and that will show you a page where-in you will find a question asking you as to the "chart type" and next to that is a drop down menu offering many types of charts for a selection among which will be progressed natal charts and an an option to have the progressed natal chart and the natal chart produced as one superimposed upon the other...

I personally prefer to have just the progressed natal chart produced and work with it side by side to the natal... I can see how things "work" with one another a lot easier... because I started out doing this stuff back when we didn't have acess to computers that could produce a chart in less than a second...took mst of an afternoon just to produce one chart... so, that side by side method is what i started with, worked with for many years, and old dogs can learn new tricks...but if there's no need to...mneh.

Here's the progressed natal chart for the USA at present.

and here's a copy of the natal chart produced on March 19, 2012 for which I provide that note in case astrodienst has decided to "adjust" anything again...they like to do that to see if we are paying attention... [a joke, of course...then again... ]

I derived all the astrological Parts from it that I believed to be significantly important and there is a thread with them listed here at this link.

You should be aware that since i first produced this chart I have since become convinced ...and my good friend, the renowned clairvoyant, Clarisse Conner, does so concur...that to determine present ephemeral activity's effect on the natal chart the natal positions must be adjusted as to the amount of the sidereal precession that has been undergone since the moment of it's birth... presently I have determined that amount to be [at July 4th of this year, that is 2019. to be 03* 24' 10" that is to say advance every natal position by that much... astrological Parts included. that is only for what presently effects the natal don't start referring to advanced positions for Sabian Symbols those will always be constant to the original natal position, that is to say the symbolic precept given for it at its birth will remain the governing principle of that particular Astrological Part as I have proven that Astrological Parts are symbolically the Sabian Symbols that is. I recommend using only Dane Rudhyar's book on them for adequately accurate analysis...maybe even the perfect analysis? All I know for sure at this time is that no one has come close to Rudhyar for proven results.
The rate of advance of the Sidereal Zodiac is at o4.1958041 seconds of a degree, per average month... an average month being 30.4375 days
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