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Missing coworker? [Resolved!]

Hello, all. My coworker hasn't shown up to work for a few days and nobody can get in touch with him. It could be that he just decided to leave due to pressure/health issues, but that seems very unlike him. I am especially concerned BECAUSE of the forementioned health issues, and was wondering if a chart could give me some insight.

I (female) am Saturn, domicile in Capricorn 1st house. LOL. This seems very obvious. Now I don't know which I should be reading him as. My first instinct was Mars in 8th house Leo because I thought 3rd house ruled coworkers? But then I realized that I maybe should be reading him as 7th (since he is opposite me, and he is the queried) which would make him moon in the 2nd. I'm really not sure.

It worries me if he is Mars in the 8th.

All key objects seem to be reflecting the situation accurately although I can't read it well--- me, him (?), the 2nd house, the 8th house, the moon and Mars. I see a lot of stuff going on over in the 7th house and I am not sure what to make of it. Venus sitting on the Sun seems benefic, so does Mars in the 8th symbolize HIS career (10th house Scorpio) coming to and end because of a recent event? Seems Venus could be a 6th house matter but also potentially a love interest?

Could someone please give me some insight? I know people have fun with this. I'm really worried about him and want to know if he is OK
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