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Originally Posted by ellie04 View Post
^^ Thanks! I'm glad that the chart doesn't show him as a player. He has lotsa gal pals and poor alcohol control so when he drinks he gets friendly & flirty and this makes me feel insecure, that's why I asked if the chart shows him as a player.

And you're spot-on about the love of drama. I feel this about him too. He always seemed to purposely do things to rile me up or he'd tell me he miss me one moment then push me away the next. I never knew what he was thinking or how he really felt about me. And for someone who's apparently so emotionally complex, he doesn't seem to welcome it when I bare my feelings to him. He'd tell me to calm down and don't be upset while he prances around me.

I'm glad to know I'm not crazy... that he has a complex way of expressing his emotions.
Sounds like someone I knew once. Once I stepped away from the toxicity I realised he was narcissistic. Your defo not crazy
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