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Re: Feeling IGNORED

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Both. ĎFriendsí come and go and when I was in my teens people flicked around me now I find that ppl donít take to me. Example I was in a class learning a language and ppl naturally flicked to each other but with me I had to try hard and even then I could see ppl getting bad vibes off me. Just donít know what it is but ppl donít tend to like me that much or feel uncomfortable around me until they know me.
This can be an issue with combust planets, particularly the repeated experience of being ignored, or overlooked. I had an astrology teacher tell this story on herself: she had a class with several students who all had the same sun sign, and it ended during their birthday month. She personally wished them all happy birthday at the end, with a small treat.... but overlooked the one who had a combust planet.

She used that story to illustrate that people with combust planets regularly get overlooked. Which was the concept she was telling us right then. She said she saw it over and over in the stories that clients with combust planets told her.

You have Mercury combust. Out of sign, but still within 4 degrees of the sun.

To top it off, your sun/Mercury squares your ascendant pretty tightly. Squares to the ascendant can come off as an energy that repels, rubs people the wrong way, or frightens people off, depending on what planet(s) they involve. Sun and Mercury are pretty benign in and of themselves, but the square could be contributing to this experience you're having.
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