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Originally Posted by rafaella View Post
Im sorry to hear about your health condition. I think maybe focusing on relationships is too early right now. There is a need to mourn a loss, and accept your new condition. Life changing situation for sure.

The chart shows Venus square Saturn, very harsh. I think the near future will be tough. Does your family know? Saturn at 4th ruling the 4th. Moon conjunct Uranus, very sudden life shattering events - outer planets usually have malefic influence. Neptune at 6th house - confusion and uncertainty regarding health.

This chart is more about your desperation to find someone now that things are different. I think everything is possible. People still find love despite having your condition, and there are medications that both you and your future partner will have to take to slow down this condition and prevent it from being transferred to another.

I think take a few months and recover from the news - see a counsellor and get help from your support groups. It helps to talk to people who have the same condition and learn from their experience. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I saw a show recently about this, people lead a normal life even after 20 years with this condition and have partners or have dated. It is tough, I know I would be shattered myself but there is no choice but to change attitude and see what is possible. Your past behaviour of dating frequently will have to change, now dating with responsibility and communication, being open and serious...

I hope you do find that right person who will be there with you...

take care
My family doesnít know. I donít want to worry them. But, very few select friends know of what Iím going through. Theyíre a nice little support system.

I will be retesting and starting treatment soon so weíll see how it goes.

Iím swearing off dating for now. When Iíll start dating again, I donít know. Itís still a lot to take in and I get random panic attacks now. Iím just going to take time for myself for the time being. Iíll definitely come back here from time to time to keep you all updated on how Iím doing!
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