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Originally Posted by waybread View Post
It seems to me that your first order of business is to realistically come to terms with whatever you think has just ruined your life. Are you willing to share it, discretely?

Basically you are symbolized by Venus, located in the 7th house of committed relationships. Appropriately enough. Venus applies to a nice sextile with Mars (The One) but before it gets there, it perfects a square with Saturn. I would view this as a prohibition. Venus is in detriment, so you're not in the strongest position just now.

Maybe this is a good time just to take a deep breath and focus on your well-being just now.
Itís a really bad health condition thatís contagious and incurable. I donít even have the strength in me to say what it is, but, I hope itís enough to give you an idea.

Yes, Iíll be taking time for myself. Iím trying to make sense of everything. Iíve been involved with online support groups.
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