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Re: Capricorn stellium chart.

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Sun conjuncts Mc and trines Ascendant. You feel you must be important in whatever you do. Others may find you overbearing in your pursuit of that. Perhaps you dream of being a star. With Sun-conjunct-Neptune, you do indeed have the kind of charisma that can make that happen. You may have mediumistic qualities, and some people look at you as slightly but harmlessly insane, but you are a gambler or a wanderer who tries to do too much without a sense of purpose. You may dream of winning the lottery too much; you hope for the easy money. Your plans seem unrealistic.

Mc = Venus/Uranus and Mercury/Uranus. Your goal seems to be your unconventional approach to relationships. You see this as being very particular in your pursuit of a romantic match, but there are significant difficulties that lead to divorce, and in many ways the divorce proceedings may dominate your life for a while.

You are argumentative and sour. You bitterly declare your unhappiness and dissatisfaction that is motivated by your fear of not being loved. You speak of light-hearted matters and artistic matters, but it easily progresses into disputes about relationships and love. There is considerable bitterness that involves your resentment toward men who have mistreated you or have unfairly discriminated against you. This bitter argument may dominate your life too much.

Then comes a slowly developing separation that suddenly transforms into a major crisis.

The Creative Arts Field will probably be the direction of the career, but you are a stop-go person who alternates between inactivity and fierce activity.
Thank you sir, appreciate this! Happy easter!
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