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Re: What do I do with this Intense, Karmic and Difficult Relationship?

"has much of the "grain of sand" in the oyster feel to it." Excellent description.
Not only is there a Pluto/ascendent square, but also Venus/Saturn, which explains the difficulty in having a physical relationship, and opting for a platonic solution.
The moon opposite Uranus explains those partings and unexpected reunions, sitting right on the moon's nodes. Yes, a very karmic contact to work out.
The mercury/neptune conjunction is what stimulates your imagination.
The Jupiter/ascendent makes you both feel good when together.
"What can I do to deal with this in the most productive, growth-enhancing way"
The sagittarius south node would indicate some type of intellectual, spiritual, religious past life connection. The moon there rules the 9th of higher learning in the chart, so perhaps it was in a university setting, or a church or sect. The moon makes you feel very comfortable together, warm and loved. It's a mutable sign so varied, moveable and unsettled. This is your comfort zone, it is where you are coming from.
You are going towards gemini, the north node in this lifetime. Gemini is of course communication, writing, expression. Uranus there would need independence and freedom, and something unique, and erratic, not routine. Uranus in the chart rules the 4th of home, roots, family, which would give the theme to your expression.
"We both yearn to take some kind of journey together. ". This is not just chance, this is part of the karma you two have to live out.
Does travelling, and writing a journal, or making a video of your travels, or something along those lines, resonate with you?
As added input, try doing the composite with the insertion of asteroids, for example, "karma", and also try inserting your first name asteroids. Check out the list of asteroids on See where your names come up in the chart. These can give added insight into why you have this tie between you, and how to give it concrete positive meaning in this lifetime.
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