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Never seen a chart like this one

Hello everyone!

I've just recently started studying astrology and trying to make sense of the patterns shown in natal charts which I can easily relate to in my life.
Lately, I've became aware of not one, but 4 psychological disorders which sometimes give me the means and the will to succeed, while most of the times rob me of control over my interests and emotions.

So as always when I try to distance myself from stress and hard decisions, I've taken up some astrology. Bear in mind, I've always noticed some patterns in people's personalities and their birthdays, even using those patterns to impress people quite accurately. However, when I attempted a correlation research on horoscope and 16 personality test results, I came up with nothing scientifically significant, so that was the end of that era (of course, I still use the patterns I can find in my life with confidence).

So while studying my own natal chart, I noticed it lacked some red lines (hard aspects?). Charts belonging to my friends always had way more (at least 4-5 long red lines - oppositions or squares...). Then I thought, OK, maybe this is what a chart of bipolar people look like. And then I found an article online containing the charts of all celebrities known to be bipolar, and got shocked to find even more of the red aspects in those charts. Just by glancing at those, one would say that the native of the chart probably had a lot of talents, if not anything else.

Also, I don't think I've ever seen so many planets stacked in so little houses. I'm confused! Trying to interpret all of those contained a lot of contradictions which I couldn't possibly make sense of. Even though, to be honest, my life is not that easy to make sense of anyway.

With all this in mind, I would be very thankful if some of you astrological enthusiasts take a look at my chart and help me make some logical sense out of it, as well as shed some light on why is it that much different than anyone's I know.

With respect,
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