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Re: Could someone give a short interpretation of my chart and the most important aspe

Originally Posted by Roos View Post
I am curious how you would interpret my chart and what kind of person you think i am based of my chart.

Furthermore, could you explain the most significant aspects i have in my chart, thanks in advance!!!

Hi there, based on your birth info, I can list below facts for you, please let me know if you dont agree with any of them:

You have gone traveling for a long distance (like overseas) in 2011.

You are a popular girl by guys, you are in a relationship this year.

Although there are lots boys moving on you, you are not a playing person, you are pretty tending to be a serious person when it comes to relationship, you dont like to play around with boys or cheat, or do things like one night stand.

You are a positive person, you have energetic attitude for study or doing part time job, you are doing good in school or uni, from my experience, a chart like this should be at least a Bachelor degree, which means you are not someone that only holds a high school certificate.

Let me know if you read my comment, I will post things about your future
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