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Re: Could someone give a short interpretation of my chart and the most important aspe

Originally Posted by Roos View Post
I am curious how you would interpret my chart and what kind of person you think i am based of my chart.

Furthermore, could you explain the most significant aspects i have in my chart, thanks in advance!!!

It seems like you have a firey temperament who likes to shine, and yet navigate his way through life in a calculated and somewhat methodical manner. In a way this is very apparent. You might also love to laugh a lot. You're analytical, passionate and others may not always like your assessment of them. You have an explosive anger. I wouldn't be surprised if you're an ESFP, ESTP, or an ESFJ on the mbti and probably a 7 or 8 on the ennegram.

You also have writing ability and I say this because your asc is in the lunar mansion that produces the most poets. When others meet you, they see your mannerism, style and persona as very balanced, and charming. This is different when people actually know you. But there's something about you that people recognize as different and there's something about you that people sense wants to help them.

I have some guesses for you in terms of career, I believe you may be in school currently but I do think at some point in your life, you're going to do something that has to do with writing/poetry/journalism, commerce/business, or even work in the beauty industry, modeling, acting, dancing, or even a stripper. And if you are not involved with such things, your father was involved with writing/poetry/journalism/commerce.

You're very giving in love but be careful not to fall for people's lies and succumb to delusions and since the moon also operates in your relationships, try not to be too critical/come off too strongly toward your partner/s. But overall, you're going to work out some karma in your relationships. That's for sure.

Remember in general, your temperament is of a very firey, intense person that is also analytical or has the potential to be. You'd make a fine leader in a way. But remember being open to possibilities and also being analytical, and practical is going to take you a long way in life.

Social worker, philanthropist, writers, actors, media personalities, healing arts, state health employees, astrologers, astronomers, mathematicians, business minded people, sales. -Your spouse may be one of these things and she may be of average height, with a proportionate body more on the thin side. Not sure if you're a female or a male, but if you are a female, your man/woman will be of average height with an proportionate, somewhat fit, thin body.

You may have a bad relationship with older siblings/cousins but this is mitigated by the fact that in jaimani, the other ruler of your siblings are in a great sign, or this just means that you're going to have a good relationship with your younger siblings, but not your older ones. If you don't have siblings, count cousins as siblings. And there may be some problems in regards to the resources and/or inheritence of your spouse, and perhaps your voice/courage.

You may have a lot of pleasure and delight in comparison to other people's life or in comparison to the rest of your life, in the second part of your life.

The north node in virgo also emphasizes this purpose of you being analytical and paying attention to details.

As for your looks, you're probably fairer for your race/ethnic background. Your height is average. Your weight on the other hand, and body is very changeable especially in a short amount of time in comparison to other people. You can be overweight one year, quite skinny the next, and even have the ability to gain muscle. Also I wouldn't be surprised if you're pretty, with nice breasts, and care a lot about your appearance. I also wouldn't be surprised if you were bullied for your appearance as a child.

Now again, you have an in sign conjunction between your moon and pluto at a huge orb. So you be the judge whether that applies to you.

I hope you found this you found this to be informative. I apologize if I am wrong or even crude, and let me know if I am wrong about anything. I am new and don't practice. this is my attempt at being brave and testing my skills out.
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