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How might I die? 700.png&res=63
Is anyone experienced enough to do a death reading? I know it sounds morbid. But I donít mean it that way. Iím just curious if anyone experienced in medical astrology knows how I may exit out of this world. My eighth house ruler the sun is in my first house, so that should tell you a little that Iím naturally interested in these kind of subjects.
Itís very hard to put a link to natal chart. Iím not that tech savvy, although Iím an Aquarian. My birth data is January 23, 1997, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, at 6.03 a.m.

Health wise for me. Iím a Type II diabetic. Have been for two years. I have sleep apnea, but Iím treated with cpap. I have generalized anxiety disorder as well as social anxiety. I wear glasses because Iím nearsighted. Iíve very overweight. My BMI is in the obese category. Weight problems run on my motherís side of the family. She herself is much overweight. I have moderate OCD. Also heart issues runs on her side of the family too.

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