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Smile Re: Does Materialistic Modern Science Have Limitations?

Originally Posted by petosiris View Post
Yes, it is possible. Then define astrology in a way that is acceptable to science. Btw fyi some scientists are materialists, others are not.

(Personally, I would disagree with your last statement, as I practice traditional astrology that is prediction based. I like absolute certainty. But I know modern and psychological astrologers who disagree with me. This is also relevant.)
Non-materialistic scientists would make the best candidates for defining Astrology as you suggest. Most Astrologers don't really care what the materialists think about their practice, but it would benefit us if some hard and fast results could be obtained with careful and unbiased use of the scientific method. The tests are designed to show Astrologers up, and then gloat "see, I told you it's a pseudo science!"
So, hypothetically, could you use Traditional methods to predict someone's chosen profession with a high degree of certainty? In a cold reading?
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