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Moon In Aquarius

There are several things I've realized with having this kind of placement.

Even in the Aquarius placement, it's still quite emotional. Yes, it's aloof, detached, distant and even a little insensitive, but really. When it's about causes that can benefit as a whole or a group, they can get quite enthusiastic, humanistic and passionate. When it's about bestfriends who you can truly trust and accept you, it's quite attached and loving. Then again, maybe my other aspects play a part on this, but my Moon conjunction Uranus in Aquarius is roughly 3-4 degrees and it is the tightest moon aspect i have, plus my dominant planet is Uranus. So this can still overpower some aspects.

A lot of detached thinking. "Outside looking In" is very easy with placement, especially when dealing with your own emotional matters. You can see yourself in another placement that demonstrates you as the outsider of your own self. It's like I could be another different person looking at myself at the same time. This way you can rationalize. Does this apply to other Aquarius Mooners as well? Maybe that's also the reason why some people may call it a "un-emotional" placement, because of the rationalizing. But I find this beneficial, because it makes you stay calm and grounded, less reckless and impulsive.

Yet, this "Outsider" thing can also make you feel lonely. Emotionally, not a lot of people will be in tune with you emotionally in your level. While this is quite common whenever moon signs are in square, the Uranian energy here really makes you seem quirky. Weird. Electric and odd in both good and bad ways. I can't decide whether this placement can make you relate to others or not, because what I've read and felt have some contradicting points to it. It could be compassionate because it is concern about humanity, groups collectively, and etc. but on the other hand, it has a hard time relating too? So they don't actually connect genuinely to others? I still don't get this part.

Are these Lunar Aquarians introverted or extroverted? It kinda seems like both to me. The Leo Moon is definitely an extrovert, but with Aquarian Moons, I've observed that they can be both. Which is nice.

When it comes to the love & romantic relationships, this placement is unpredictable. Like ****. One minute, you're highly attached and drunk in love, the next you just want your lover miles away from you-- in a matter of minutes or seconds. Why is that? It's understandable that even with their lovers, they still keep them an arm's length away from them, but the erratic and sudden change of feelings is quite dangerous. I've found this really bad for me becaue my two past relationships have been a fail because of my emotional nature. THIS kind of emotional nature. It ***** because I end up regretting what I did.

Any other Aquarius moons there? Has anything I stated above resonated wih you? Have more to add?
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